Plant operators looking to maximize their investments have various options to ensure that their plant’s productivity is being continually optimized. Our aim is to provide our clients with the full range of life-cycle services that enhance plant performance. DP’s services team develops custom solutions to help owners of existing power plant to lower operation costs, increase profitability, extend plant lifetime and improve environmental credentials. These include scheduled maintenance, regular upgrades and equipment modifications to ensure that plants are consistently delivering the best returns. Whether an operator is looking to extend the fuel flexibility or manage emissions, DP’s team has a solution based on years of working with leading service suppliers in upgrading, maintaining and modifying plants around the world.

Plant Upgrades and retrofits

DP is one of the few companies in the world with true capabilities in undertaking complex upgrade and conversion projects. With our focus on biomass and waste fuels, we are able to leverage extensive experience and expertise to conduct effective fuel analyses, technology assessment and recommend design modifications. Such knowledge is extremely important in ensuring the reliability, efficiency and ultimately the longevity of the plant. Solutions range from full plant retrofits to replacing and integrating relevant components to improve performance. Our expertise is not limited to DP products and extends to effective assessment of all waste to energy technologies.

Maintenance inspections and Service Overhauls

DP’s service team has many years of experience servicing boiler plants around the world, of all sizes and utilizing all types of fuel, using our key advantage of longstanding knowledge and experience with biomass and waste fuels. DP conducts plant and maintenance inspections to identify upcoming maintenance issues and potential malfunctions in the plant or boiler island. We can advise clients on how they should be addressed and help customers achieve significant improvements in performance and environmental credentials by making tailored modifications to the boiler and supporting systems.

DP helps its customers maintain optimum performance and reduce the risk of costly downtime through providing both regular service overhauls as well as immediate response to unscheduled or emergency situations.

To further increase our level of service and expertise, DP has partnered with leading European mechanical and automation service companies –TISKA and Dublix Engineering - to offer our clients an even greater scope of services with which to obtain the best from their power plant investment.


DP’s experienced engineers and service teams are able to assess and identify the source of problems affecting various aspects of plant performance. Their expertise extends across technologies supplied by other manufacturers, and across many different fuel types. Whether it is a long term issue or an emergency problem, DP’s experts are fully able to work with plant owners and operating teams to isolate problems and provide options for addressing them.