Flue Gas Cleaning

DP's specialized Flue Gas Cleaning team is based in the Midlands, UK. The team has extensive experience in redefining complex requirements in order to deliver specialized solutions, and has a proven track record in delivering reliable and cost effective systems for meeting emissions standards all over Europe. DP CleanTech has dedicated engineers within a specialized Flue Gas Cleaning division. Their knowledge of state-of-the-art technologies to address the various regulations and requirements for emissions standards is unrivalled, and DP CleanTech solutions are deployed in many different plants around the world. DP's experts are dedicated to meeting or exceeding these requirements, using the latest research and product design.

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Plant main system

• Flue gas entering the reactor tower is cooled down to about 140°C.

• The flue gas enters the reactor tower where hydrated lime and activated carbon reagents bind with toxic acids and elements.

• Upon entering the filter, trapped particles form a dust cake allowing the neutralization and absorption reactions to complete.

• Captured product is recycled back into the tower via the recirculation surge hopper and screw conveyor allowing un-activated reagent to be utilized.

• Used product is discharged and collected by trucks after humidification.

• Treated flue gas exits the filter at a temperature of approximately 135°C and is finally discharged through the stack.

DP CleanTech integrates SNCR (Selective Non-Catalytic Reduction) systems into the top of the furnace, which injects ammonia or urea into the flue gas. This facilitates chemical bonding and the removal of NOx gases.

In a similar way, SO2 and HCL can be removed in a wet scrubber by using lime solution.

In addition, DP CleanTech’s advanced air systems are designed based on CFD modelling, which delivers a better combustion with low carbon monoxide emissions.

DP FGC will be designed to meet or exceed the regulatory requirements.
Typically, our solutions will exceed those set by EU regulations.

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Derby, UK
Municipal Solid Waste & RDF
Newport, UK