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DP successfully completed the commissioning period for Elblag biomass power plant

We have some good news from our project team regarding the Elblag 25MWe plant, which is owned and operated by Energa Kogeneracja Sp. z o.o in Poland. The plant is being upgraded by DP, and you may recall that in August, we successfully completed the milestone pressure test. Last week in mid-November, the team successfully completed the commissioni...

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DP presents at the 2018 Shanghai International Solid Waste Management Summit

The 2018 International Solid Waste Management Summit 2018 was held in Shanghai from 12-15th September, hosting over 400 attendees from China’s leading environmental protection companies. The summit provided opportunities to share knowledge and experiences on MSW and hazardous waste treatment, landfill mining management, and discuss related policie...

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Hydraulic test successfully completed at DP/NBE Nanbu biomass project

NBE’s Nanbu project, in Nanbu county, Nanchong City is the first biomass project for NBE and DP in Sichuan Province. Sichuan Province is rich in agricultural resources, and the Nanbu project will use the abundant waste from food crops and cotton products. DP provided a similar solution for Everbright International’s project in Mianzhu City, which ...

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