General Consulting

DP’s excellent industry reputation for all aspects of power plant development and execution has given us many opportunities to work with potential developers, research institutions and related industries. From conducting in depth risk analysis to logistics planning and providing technology reports for financial institutions, DP has the knowledge and scope of understanding to advise a wide range of clients on the industry, specific projects and technologies; and to guide them through the project development process.


Our multiple offerings, industry network and reputation means that we are often given early access to development projects around the world by project developers. Similarly, project owners or operators often involve us in the review of retrofit projects and distressed assets.

This provides a unique investment platform which is accessed only through DP; and our competence is to commercially assess such projects through a prism of technology expertise. Project financing, project economics and industry insights

Difficulties in obtaining project financing and reaching financial close are common downfalls for many well-conceived projects. DP has a wealth of experience in advising potential customers on project economics and capital-raising procedures which can significantly improve their level of understanding and their probability of commercial success. In addition, the solutions that DP can provide are both proven, and supported by verifiable engineering and performance data, lending credibility and depth to project proposals.

Project feasibility and pre-engineering

DP is a world leader in providing end-to-end solutions for biomass power plants. Our expertise is based on a deep understanding of plant design and economics. A unique wealth of experience enables DP to deliver customised, long-term advice and solutions not only for DP power plants, but those that are independent of DP technology.

We have an in depth and practical knowledge of the economics of biomass power plants. We understand the inputs and analysis required to assess the feasibility and necessary factors for successful and sustainable power plant operation. Our analysis can extend from feedstock logistics and analysis to final output modelling and economics.

As well as full feasibility studies for new build projects, we have the skills and capability to undertake up front elements of a project such as pre-engineering, or to review existing power plants for improvement options.