Manufacturing, Procurement and Installation

DP CleanTech’s well-managed global supply chain includes a dedicated quality department, diversified manufacturing facilities in Poland, and strategic partnerships with key suppliers worldwide. Such an infrastructure ensures first class quality and flexibility for your project. In 2010 DP Cleantech invested €1.5mill in a new state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Jędrzejów, and in 2011 increased capacity by an additional 2,000 square meters to help service increasing demand. The workshop supplies boilers and auxiliary components for biomass and waste-to-energy projects throughout Europe, in addition the facility includes Inconel wall welding, a key component in the growing waste-to-energy market.

DP CleanTech’s experienced engineering and installation team can handle all aspects of the development, manufacturing and installation of the boiler island, on an EPC basis. The boiler island comprises all components of a power plant other than the turbine. It therefore includes the boiler itself (including the pressure parts), the fuel handling system, the feeding systems and the combustion waste handling system.