Napier Grass

DP has experience and knowledge of over 60 biomass fuel types, and recently, we have been revisiting the characteristics of tropical plants such as Napier Grass. Napier grass (also referred to as Elephant Grass) is a hardy tropical plant that thrives in drought-like conditions, where most other plants cannot survive. It is fast growing, with harvests possible after only 8-12 weeks. It is often referred to as an ‘energy’ crop -  and is often grown specifically for the production of biofuels.  However it also has a valuable function in stabilizing soil erosion, rehabilitating contaminated soils, as a natural pest control plant, and as animal feed. In South East Asia, it has long been recognized as a valuable agricultural commodity with environmental benefits and is now increasingly being considered for its use in biogas production.  

Napier Grass is highly suitable as an input fuel for both DP’s Combustion and Anaerobic Digestion technologies. However, to be economically viable, deployment is typically on a smaller scale, making Anaerobic Digestion a better choice of technology. Together with our global partners, we have conducted considerable research and analysis on the differing compositions and degradational behaviour of napier grass under anaerobic conditions. We have also extensively reviewed the technology of biogas plants that have failed and can conclude that DP’s AD technology is the most advanced and efficient, yet cost effective solution for the conversion of napier grass to biogas. 



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