DP OrganiPrep Pre treatment

The quality of the slurry that will be used for Anaerobic Digestion is crucial for optimizing the biogas output. DP’s experts have developed and refined a simple but highly effective pre-treatment system for organic waste - DP OrganiPrep - which has been proven in many DP ADOS plants to produce the highest quality slurry for the subsequent processes of sedimentation, digestion and biogas production. The DP OrganiPrep system is available as 2 stand-alone options:


  • an integrated ‘full pre-treatment plant’ which handles the process from waste feeding to the optimized slurry.  This includes feeding bunkers, screw conveyors, mill, sedimentation tank, feeding pump, electrics and control, piping. 
  • ‘equipment only’ with 2 sizes of mills and 2 sizes of sedimentation tanks designed for easy integratoin. 


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Engineering DP OrganiPrep Pre treatment