In today’s world, organic and non-organic wastes can be both a problem and an opportunity. As the problem of waste disposal continues to grow, so does the knowledge and the technology to create a sustainable waste management strategy. Many waste fuels provide excellent opportunities to create energy. However, such fuels can be complex and non-homogeneous, and a deep understanding of fuel properties and technologies are critical for success at every stage of the waste management process. DP provides a “one-stop shop” for waste-related projects – from initial waste processing to the responsible management of inorganic waste rejects in landfill.  We are experts in waste to power conversion for multiple fuel types, and our solutions include the environmentally sustainable and responsible management of emissions. Our expertise in solid waste management ranges from waste processing to landfill remediation.  

DP has been meeting the need for reliable, performance guaranteed and effective biomass power plants running on locally sourced agricultural waste residues for many years; and has an expertise and reputation for reliable and efficient boiler combustion solutions that can address poor quality and constantly differing fuel mixes.  

DP also addresses the waste-to-energy (MSW, industrial waste and RDF) market with a range of proven, reliable combustion, gasification and biological treatment technologies with which to efficiently process and convert a diverse range of fuels to energy, with very low emissions and high levels of efficiency. DP also offers treatment for existing environmental hazards such as landfills and water pollution. The landfill remediation and landfill management capabilities handle both the rehabilitation of old landfills and the design and construction of new, sanitary sites.  

DP offers customised flue gas emissions management technologies, fuel feeding systems and waste water technology as part of our integrated approach to simultaneously optimize energy conversion and improve the environmental outcome and sustainability. DP competences include all aspects of a project from financing, fuel analysis and project feasibility studies, to technical design, installation, commissioning, automation, maintenance and operator training. Our detailed knowledge and experience together with highly professional project management and dedicated teamwork will ensure the success of your project. DP CleanTech excels in providing the right total solution for your requirements, and delivering as promised.