Water Resources

Depending on complexity and volume, waste water treatment can be extremely costly and difficult. DP has acquired ground breaking, patented GyrecatTM technology, which is a unique hybrid of an Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP) and which has significant advantages over existing AOP processes. The patented photocatalysis process has been tested on a range of organic contaminants and compounds commonly found in waste water.

The GyrecatTMprocess uses a non-slurry based titanium dioxide reactant which is less susceptible to contamination; produces less sludge, and is more energy efficient and cost-effective than the standard AOP processes. These advantages, and a smaller environmental footprint, make it suitable for both community and large scale water treatment applications, whilst a smaller scale module 'Gyrecat NexusTM' is particularly suitable for the treatment of brackish borehole water in agri-rural locations.

GyrecatTM technology has been successfully tested for the compounds below.


Class of Compound Examples
Alkanes Pentane, n-dodecane, mono-, di- and trichloromethane
Aliphatic Alcohols Methanol, ethanol, n- and iso-propanol, butanol, penta- 1-4- iol; ethylene glycol
Phenols Phenol, hydroquinone, catechol, resorcinol, cresol, nitrophenol, benzoic acid, chlorophenol
Aromatics Benzene, naphthalene, chlorobenzenes, chloro and bromobenzene; toluene, 1, 2, 4 trimethylbenzene
Polymers PVC, polyethylene glycol
Surfactants p-nonyl phenyl ether
Herbicides Methyl viologen, atrazine, simazine, bentazon, dichlobenil
Pesticides DDT, parathion, lindane, monocrotophos, paraxon, malathion, metaldehyde
Dyes Methyl orange, flouorescein, methylene blue, rhodamine B, tartrazine, acid blue 113, reactive black 5
Bacteria E. coli; Pseudonomonas aeruginosa; Salmonella enteritidis
Cryanobacterial Toxins Microcystin- LR, Nodularin, Geosmin, Methylisoborneol Anatoxin-a



Type of Water Resources

  • GyrecatTM technology is suited to contaminated water from the following broad categories . -Greywater recycling-Industrial process waste water and reuse-Agriculture-Onshore power production-Onshore oil and gas extraction-Polluted groundwater

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