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DP applies “Aerobic Landfill Cell” concept to 2nd project in Belgium

DP has recently signed a contract with Machiels Group, based in Belgium, for the aeration of part of the Remo landfill in Houthalen-Helchteren, Belgium. The site is part of Machiels Group’s initiative...

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DP CleanTech announces 9.5MWe Thailand biomass plant with Uttaradit Green Power Co. Ltd.

DP CleanTech Group’s Thailand office has signed an EPC(M) contract for a new 9.5MWe biomass power plant in Uttaradit Province, north of the capital, Bangkok. The plant is owned by Uttaradit Green Pow...

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DP signs collaboration agreement with agricultural waste specialist Bst srl

At the end of May, global renewable energy and environmental services company DP CleanTech Group and Italian company Bst srl formally signed a collaboration agreement to introduce Bst’s Anaerobic Dig...

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‘The BiomassLab’ is a biomass fuel database developed by DP CleanTech that continually builds on operational experience and knowledge of fuel types and their characteristics. The database contains key information about all the design fuels and indicates their properties under the conversion process. This database hugely benefits our clients as it enhances our analysis and assessment of fuel effectiveness.
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