Gyrecat Technology

DP has acquired patented, award winning GyrecatTM Advanced Oxidation Process technology and is working to advance its use and application across different industries and in new markets.

DP’s patented GyrecatTM technology is a unique hybrid of an Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP) that has significant advantages over existing AOP processes. By using a non-slurry based titanium dioxide reactant which is less susceptible to contamination, the GyrecatTM technology produces less sludge, and is more energy efficient, cost-effective and with a smaller environmental footprint. The company’s photocatalysis process has been tested on a range of compounds listed below. A smaller scale module called GyrecatTM Nexus is particularly suitable for agri-rural locations to treat brackish water from boreholes.

GyrecatTM technology can be used across multiple industries and can be scaled accordingly. Depending on complexity and volume, waste water treatment can be extremely costly and difficult.

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