End to End Expertise

For DP CleanTech, a complete solution means delivering clean energy at the right parameters, whatever the fuel or technology. The many, varying physical properties and characteristics of biomass and waste fuels around the world means that delivering clean energy requires special expertise and an end to end approach encompassing the logistics, energy recovery process and management of the environmental footprint.

From an analysis of the feedstock format to in depth analysis of properties and combustion characteristics, DP CleanTech engineers will then use their longstanding experience and expert knowledge to design tailor-made feeding, boiler and other systems according to the fuel, output requirements and the prevailing environment. The inclusion of specialized technologies and techniques to maximize power plant performance and minimize the environmental footprint and comply with regulatory standards are all within scope.

DP CleanTech solutions ensure that power plant efficiencies and economics are optimized; and that regulatory and international quality standards are reliably achieved.