Landfill Mining and Rehabilitation

Increasingly, landfill mining is being used to recover valuable materials for reuse or sale; and the rehabilitation of former landfills for their potential economic value is critical for urban renewal and growth. DP’s landfill remediation technology, originally developed by Austrian based IUT GmbH includes the patented, proven Smell-Well aeration system which eliminates the problems of odours, gaseous emissions and groundwater contamination. Smell-Well can be used for aeration prior to excavation and mining to provide a safe working environment for short term activities and is also a long term solution for total in-situ aerobisation and permanent landfill stabilization or rehabilitation of landfill for alternative use.  
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For existing landfills there are various options that landfill owners may consider: 
  • Capping the landfill to reduce rainwater infiltration (leachate formation) and emissions to the atmosphere
  • Mine and excavate the landfill to reduce mass, recover recyclables, extract combustible materials and extend life-span of landfill operation
  • Mine and excavate the landfill to reduce mass, recover recyclables and rehabilitate the land for alternative use
  • In-situ treatment to permanently stabilize the landfill and avoid future emissions (without excavation or mining)
DP can offer the total solution to for each of these options, and has delivered 60 projects worldwide, and rehabilitated 17.5 mill m3 of landfill volume. 

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  • Different solutions are customized for different client requirements