Tuesday, 06 June 2017

DP CleanTech Expands Business Scope with Acquisition of Waste Water Technology

DP CleanTech Group has agree to acquire UK based, globally patented advanced waste water treatment and water purification company Catalysystems in a strategic move that reflects a broadening of DP’s business scope to include pioneering environmental management technologies that are complementary to its core renewable energy business.   The global acquisition will be rebranded under the newly formed business unit of DP Water.  
Central to the acquisition is the award-winning “GyreCat” process; a unique and internationally patented hybrid advanced Oxidation Process (AOP) which is highly effective in destroying a wide spectrum of water borne organic contaminants.  Suitable for use in large scale water treatment applications, the proprietary process can also be deployed on a modular scale for use in smaller, agri-rural situations.  
The technical and economic advantages of the GyreCat process over other AOP systems are based on the ground-breaking catalytic reaction of a non-slurry based titanium dioxide (which is less susceptible to contaminant poisoning) and UV light.  This provides a longer operational life and produces significantly less waste sludge.  In addition, GyreCat has lower power requirements and a smaller environmental footprint, significantly lowering operational and maintenance costs.  
With many industrial applications across various geographic markets, the technology has been internationally patented - with 9 further patents pending.  DP Water will be working with UK based waste water purification experts WaterCare International (WCI) to deploy the solution with key customers in Europe and Asia.  
DP CEO Simon Parker further explained that “This exciting opportunity leverages our proven track record of introducing innovative products to new markets; and we are aiming to use our expertise to bring fully integrated waste water solutions to a broad range of customers in markets which are well primed to take advantage of the most recent developments in waste water management”.  
About DP CleanTech:
Founded in 2004, DP CleanTech designs, engineers, manufactures and commissions biomass and waste to energy power plants, providing complete solutions for turning waste materials into clean energy. DP’s core technologies were originally developed in Denmark and are behind over 80 biomass power plants around the world. DP successfully brought these technologies to China; and with significant operations in Europe and Asia and recent growth in Africa and South America, DP is now clearly recognised as a world leader in the biomass and waste to energy industry.  DP’s pioneering culture and unparalleled global experience underline a strong vision and commitment to develop innovative, leading products and new markets for renewable energy.     
For further information please contact: Sarah.blomfield@dpcleantech.com