Thursday, 08 June 2017

DP CleanTech partners with Water Purification Experts Watercare International Ltd (WCI)

DP CleanTech Group has recently formed a waste water management division, DP Water; and has also signed a long term strategic partnership with UK- based Watercare International (WCI). WCI is a leading expert in the field of water demineralisation, with many years of experience across a wide range of process industries in delivering advanced and specialist water treatment solutions. WCI has particular expertise in the power industry, and is a natural partner for extending DP’s core business scope and expertise in renewable power plant solutions.   
DP Group’s CEO, Simon Parker explained that “The relationship with WCI will be invaluable in strengthening DP’s knowledge and technical expertise in waste water solutions. Together, we aim to identify and further develop those promising new technologies which we believe will benefit many of our existing clients; as well as open the door to new customers for both WCI and DP. DP’s knowledge of emerging markets will provide WCI with broader geographic access to industries which are primed for the latest technology upgrades and developments”. 
Specifically, DP and Watercare International (WCI) will jointly explore new technologies developed in Europe for all forms of water treatment and purification; in order to optimise and localize these technologies in new markets. The first solution to be deployed is the award-winning, internationally patented “GyreCat®” process recently acquired by DP. The GyreCat® process is a hybrid Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP) that is highly effective in destroying a wide spectrum of water borne organic contaminants. Suitable for use in large scale water treatment applications, the proprietary process can also be deployed on a modular scale for use in smaller, agri-rural situations. The GyreCat process has technical and economic advantages over other AOP systems, with longer operational life and significantly less waste sludge. In addition, GyreCat is more energy efficient and has a smaller environmental footprint, significantly lowering operational and maintenance costs.
Christopher Russell, CEO of WCI reiterated that “There are many mutual benefits to our cooperation and we are excited to put our expertise to work in identifying and optimising cutting edge technologies - such as GyreCat - for new markets and industries. In particular, our expertise in power industries provides an immediate and practical starting point for discussions in many emerging markets where the energy infrastructures and renewable power plants are being rapidly developed. Working with a leader in this industry is both positive and exciting for WCI”.      
About DP CleanTech 
Founded in 2004, DP CleanTech designs, engineers, manufactures and commissions complete power plant solutions for turning waste materials into clean energy. DP’s core technologies were originally developed in Denmark and have been successfully introduced in China, with over 80 plant references. From consulting services to emissions management and plant optimization - the company’s strong reputation as a world leader in all aspects of the biomass and waste to energy industry has enabled a broadening of scope to include related environmental technologies. DP’s pioneering culture and unparalleled experience underline a strong vision and organizational commitment to lead the advancement and global implementation of innovative, proven products for renewable energy and environmental protection. The formation of DP Water is a step towards this ambition.  
About Watercare International Ltd (WCI)
Watercare International Limited was established in 2003 as an independent company specialising in assisting process industries with all aspects of their water treatment technology. Watercare International is a custom build turnkey specialist Water and Wastewater treatment plant contractor with strong process and application knowledge to offer the most appropriate technical solutions. Watercare International is process technology and product neutral. We provide bespoke engineered integrated system solutions to provide the most appropriate and effective treatment. We boast extensive process and application knowledge in both membrane and ion exchange technologies particularly in the power generation market.
All aspects of operation and performance are within scope; and our team have the experience and technical knowledge across a wide range of industries to deliver practical, result-based outcomes. As a progressive, market leader, we are always looking to assess new opportunities and technologies to further expand our horizons.  
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