Monday, 17 May 2010

DP CleanTech supplies biomass technology to help meet Oslo green targets

The City of Oslo in Norway has targeted to become CO2 neutral by 2015, to meet this ambitious goal, many fossil fuel burning power plants are being replaced with cleaner technologies. DP CleanTech has recently been contracted to exchange an existing oil fired boiler with a wood fired boiler at Haraldrud.

The owners of the project, Hafslund Fjernvarme, are the largest district heating supplier in Norway, delivering approximately 33% of the country’s district heating (1,5 TWH). DP CleanTech will deliver a 56 MW thermal wood fired boiler. The specially designed boiler will burn wood pellets to help supply local district heating and the plant is expected to be online in late 2012. DP CleanTech will also be responsible for installing and commissioning the boiler and providing the circulation pumps and heat exchanger.

DP CleanTech was contracted due to its extensive track record and reliable design, Brian Boisen, EPC manager, DP CleanTech stated “Hafslund is very serious about helping Oslo meet its clean energy targets and also recognizes the importance of reliability and quality to ensure availability well into the future”