Monday, 17 May 2010

DP CleanTech and Chant Group collaborate to bring combined heat and power biomass plant to Mingshui, Heilongjiang Province in China

DP CleanTech has signed a contract with the Chant Group for the delivery of a co-generation biomass power plant to Heilongjiang province, China. The agreement follows a similar deal between the two companies made last year for a biomass power plant in Yishui, Shandong Province which is currently being installed.

The new co-generation plant will consume soft straw residues from the local farming community to provide an annual total of 1.8576×108 KWh of electricity to the China state national grid in addition to 571,000 GJ of energy for district heating bringing much needed infrastructure and employment to the Mingshui area.

The new biomass power plant will be powered by DP CleanTech’s world leading high pressure high temperature technology, the boiler island will consist of two 75t/h boilers instead of the usual single 130t/h boiler. It is expected the dual boiler system will provide increased power as well as offer better fuel load flexibility. DP CleanTech’s advanced technology combined with the additional heating capacity is estimated to boost the overall thermal efficiency of the plant to nearly 46%.

DP CleanTech - Simon Parker commented. “This is our second contract with the Chant Group, we are very excited to be working with them, we consider them to be a visionary client with great plans to develop biomass energy”

DP CleanTech is currently involved with 6 other biomass power plant projects in Heilongjiang Province alone, a region that is now beginning to benefit enormously from the industry.

The GuangDong Chant Group INC. was established in 1985 , located in ZhongShan city , which is the former residence of DR. Sun Yat-sen in Guang Dong province. With a rapid development in the past 25 years , Chant group is now comprised of 3 major production bases, and over 3,000 employees , mainly engaged in 3 industries, manufacturing, environmental protection and media. Chant Group specializes in garbage, sewage and sludge treatment , straw stalk power plant ,etc . There are nine projects under operation, construction and preparation and the budgetary total investment is up to RMB1.12 billion.

DP CleanTech was Established in 2004. Having already built 50 biomass power plants worldwide and with a total of 17 projects currently under construction in China, DPCleanTech has quickly risen to becoming a world leader in providing biomass power plant solutions in the rapidly growing renewable energy industry. DP CleanTech’s unique technology was originally developed in Denmark and is continually refined and upgraded to ensure that it is the best available in the market. DP CleanTech manufactures in multiple locations throughout Europe and China and provides design, engineering, procurement, & construction (EPC) services to deliver turnkey biomass power plants worldwide. DP CleanTech is a subsidiary company of the Dragon Power Group which also owns and operates 19 biomass power plants in China.