Friday, 25 September 2015

The boiler installation for the DPCT/NBE Pizhou project was successfully completed in September

The boiler installation for the DPCT/NBE Pizhou project in Jiangsu province was deemed to be successfully completed on 22nd September 2015, after the important milestone ‘pipe blowing’ test was conducted. This test indicates that the installed equipment can produce and provide steam corresponding to the design parameters and can move to the next phase.    

Pizhou is an NBE group project, and is the group’s 38th biomass project in China since 2006. All NBE biomass projects utilize DP CleanTech’s biomass solutions. The DP solution for this project consisted of a single boiler, single furnace, balanced ventilation, solid state slag, all steel frame and bottom sprag structure. The design fuel is waste agricultural straw (wheat, rice) with an annual fuel consumption of 300,000 tons, sourced from the approximately 2,700 ha surrounding the plant. This is equivalent to 100,000 tons of standard coal consumption and a CO2 emission reduction of 300,000 tons per annum.