Wednesday, 14 June 2017

DP CleanTech and E-R Group sign partnership to develop Waste to Energy gasification in Asia

DP CleanTech Group Ltd and Norwegian energy company E-R Group (formerly RSM Group) have announced an exclusive licensing partnership to bring leading EnergosTM gasification technology products to Asia. The move will address the growing need for more efficient and environmentally superior methods of recovering energy from waste. Many Asian and emerging market governments are evolving their waste management infrastructure to recover more energy from waste, reduce landfill and eliminate harmful pollutants. 
Various new technologies for different types of waste are facilitating this transition and DP is leveraging its unique track record and competence to introduce, refine and optimise a portfolio of proven environmental solutions for such markets. The most advanced gasification technology can deliver environmental and efficiency advantages over traditional mass burn incineration - especially in smaller sized plants. DP and ERG believe that Energos’ proven and reliable community-scale waste to-energy (EfW) technology for MSW and processed waste is readily adaptable and well suited for the Asian market. 
Having built over 50 power plants in Asia DP’s market experience and key strengths in design; engineering; procurement; quality management and execution knowledge, are well aligned with ERG’s desire to bring the Energos product to new markets.   
Energos’ two-stage thermal process gasification technology was originally developed and patented in Norway in the late 1990’s. Today, Energos products have a proven track record of over 750,000 operational hours at 8 commercial projects in Europe. Typical plants consume 5-6 t/h of fuel, and reach availabilities of 7,800 - 8,000 hours per year. With the ability to treat a wide range of non-hazardous waste - including residual MSW and RDF/SRF - the technology compares favourably at a community scale to even the most efficient incineration plants. The technology has been awarded “Advanced Conversion Technology” status in the UK, and was the first gasification product to be issued with ROC’s (Renewable Energy Certificates).  
Simon Parker, CEO of DP CleanTech expressed that “DP is delighted to have reached an agreement with ERG that enables us to extend our range of waste-to-energy solutions to meet emerging market requirements. At DP we have long been technology innovators and market pioneers and we are well placed to facilitate a change in focus from waste disposal to energy recovery from waste. With a proven, reliable product and a highly skilled development team, we look forward to integrating our skills with those of ERG to form a mutually successful, long term partnership.”
Stein Sorvig, Chairman and Director of ERG commented further that “DP and ERG have great confidence in the future of Energos gasification technology. Not only is it cutting edge, yet proven technology that can be well matched to the needs of the EfW industry in emerging markets. The combination of our Energos technology and the strengths of DP in penetrating and developing such markets will be a compelling proposition for new clients and markets”.   
About DP
Founded in 2004, DP CleanTech designs, engineers, manufactures and commissions complete power plant solutions for turning waste materials into clean energy. DP’s core technologies were originally developed in Denmark and are behind over 80 biomass power plants around the world. DP successfully introduced these technologies to China; and the company has a strong reputation as a world leader in all aspects of the biomass and waste to energy industry.  From consulting services to emissions management and plant optimization; DP’s pioneering culture and unparalleled experience underline a strong vision and organizational commitment to lead the advancement and global implementation of innovative, proven products for renewable energy and environmental protection.
About E-R Group – “It’s all about energy” 
E-R Group delivers turnkey projects, equipment and services for energy production and thermal processes based on solid fuel and gas, as well as storage, discharge and transport of sediments through its subsidiary companies. ERG holds the intellectual property rights for the proven gasification technology Energos ( for energy recovery from waste into clean energy, with very low emissions. ERG possesses comprehensive expertise and experience in its field, designing and delivering the best solutions in close cooperation with our customers.
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