Wednesday, 22 July 2015

DP CleanTech and Energa Group Successfully Finalize Elblag SNCR installation


DP CleanTech has completed the final steps in the successful completion of a full SNCR system for Energa Group in Poland. Due to increasingly stringent EU NOx standards, improvements to the emissions controls at the Elblag biomass power plant were required. DP were selected to bring the plant into accordance with EU regulations.

The project scope included engineering, delivery, installation and commissioning for the SNCR system to reduce NOx levels to below the new EU standard of 200mg/Nm3 which comes into effect by 2016. The successful completion of the system is on schedule, and is ready for implementation half a year before EU legislation for emissions controls becomes effective.

DPCT Poland’s Managing Director, Krzysztof Dragon stated, “DPCT and Energa teams have demonstrated expert engineering and efficient management to bring this project to a resoundingly positive conclusion. This application of DP’s proven technology will ensure that Elblag meets and exceeds operational and environmental targets.”

DP CleanTech CEO Simon Parker also noted, “We are dedicated to leading the biomass and waste conversion space and will continue to invest in additional capabilities to enhance the efficiencies and performance of our world leading solutions.”


Founded in 2004, DP CleanTech designs, engineers, manufactures and commissions biomass and waste- to-energy power plants, providing complete solutions for turning waste materials into clean energy. With a reference list of over 80 biomass-to-power plants around the world using proprietary high pressure, high temperature technology originally developed in Denmark, DP CleanTech is recognized as a world leader in the biomass clean energy field with particular expertise in straw-firing and complex fuels.  DP has a strong presence in both Europe and Asia and having built the first biomass power plant in China is now responsible for over 30% of the biomass power plants operating in China today.