DP CleanTech’s history has shaped biomass power today

  • 1990

    The World’s First Straw-Fired Power Plant


    Danish company Bioener pioneered the design, installation and commissioning of the world’s first successful straw-fired power plant in Rudkobing, Denmark. The 2.3 MW CHP plant was extremely successful, and is still running very well today. In 2009 DP acquired 100% of Bioener and the related technologies.

  • 2004

    DP Cleantech Founded


    DP CleanTech (DP) was originally founded as the engineering and construction arm of Dragon Power - the first company to license and use patented Danish biomass technology for generating electricity and heat in China. Dragon Power also founded National Bio Energy (NBE), a plant owner and operator. Today NBE successfully operates over 45 DP-equipped plants in China, and is partnered with the State Grid Corporation of China.

  • 2006

    China’s First Biomass Power Plant


    DP successfully built and commissioned China’s first biomass power plant in Shanxian province. The NBE 30 MWe wood-fired plant has been further optimized for multiple fuels, and is still one of the best performing mixed fuel biomass power plants in China.

  • 2009

    Acquisition of Bioener and Leading Straw Fired Technologies


    DP acquired Bioener, the Danish company with the most successful patented HPHT technology in the world. This technology is still the market leader for reliability and efficiency. DP has refine and adapted the technology for new markets, new fuels and new regulatory and customer requirements.

  • 2010

    An Independent Company


    DP became an independent, global company concentrating solely on the design, engineering, manufacturing, commissioning and servicing of biomass and waste-to-energy power plants.

  • 2010 - 2011

    Manufacturing, new Technology and Global Expansion


    DP expanded its manufacturing capacity with a 2,500 m2 workshop in Poland. The facility works alongside specialized suppliers throughout Europe and Asia to supply equipment for some of the most advanced biomass and waste-to-energy plants in the world.

    DP acquired a specialist Flue Gas Cleaning Technology team in the UK to focus on emissions control as a core component of our integrated solutions.

    DP opened offices in Thailand, India and the Philippines

  • 2012 - 2013

    New Management, Markets and Project Solutions


    A management buyout led by the CEO was successfully concluded.

    DP secured important contracts in new markets and industries. A boiler island solution contract in Singapore, the first-of-type 2nd generation ethanol (lignin) power plant in China; a turnkey EPC solution in Thailand; and an EPC waste-to energy contract in Ethiopia were all significant achievements in furthering the geographic and market expansion for DP solutions.

  • 2014 - 2015

    Further Business extension


    DP in Poland expanded the scope of business to provide customised component design, fabrication and retrofit services for a growing number of clients in Europe. Engineering partnerships were formed in Latin America and new projects secured in South Africa and Chile.

  • 2016 – 2017

    Another “World’s First”; Gasification technology; WtE grate and Waste Water treatment


    The opening of the world’s first coconut waste plant in Thailand underlines DP's unique history; experience in innovation; and design expertise. New anti-corrosion products are particularly relevant for straw based and complex fuels. Partnered with proven, leading European gasification company Energos to provide solutions for MSW/RDF and organic fuels.  Services and Automation expansion through partnerships with European services experts Dublix and TISKA. Acquisition of Waste Water treatment technology “GyrecatTM” and a partnership with leading UK water treatment company Watercare International adds to our environmental management portfolio. A collaboration with Everbright International Ltd to explore new solutions for WtE projects in the SE Asian market; and improve solutions for China. 

  • 2018

    Acquisition of leading AD technology


    DP merged with leading Austrian waste management specialist IUT GmbH, paving the way for DP to offer fully packaged solutions for all waste management projects, around the world. 


    Looking forward

    Years of technological innovation in Europe are combined with the unparalleled experience and scale derived from developing and commissioning over 60 biomass power plants in China. We continue to identify relevant, complementary new technologies and business partners with which to extend our products and services. Today our breadth of solutions, experience and knowledge encompasses biomass, municipal and organic waste fuels; Combustion, Biogas, Gasification, Landfill Management, Automation, Emissions Management and Waste Water Treatment technologies. As we look towards 2020 and beyond, we continue to focus on leveraging our considerable knowhow, global processes and centres of technical excellence to deliver the most cost effective and highest standards of service and built- for-purpose solutions to our new and existing customers around the world.