DP CleanTech Office, New Delhi, India
Following considerable success in China, Europe and South East Asia, an office was established in Delhi, India in 2011 in order to capitalize on a number of specific opportunities for biomass projects in the region.
India’s growing population, and ever increasing demand for energy has resulted in serious power shortages, with more than 50% of the population having little or no commercially produced energy. As India looks to increase its GDP, and further develop the economy and social infrastructure, power demands will need to be met, particularly in rural areas.
India has huge resources in Rice Straw, Rice Husk and Bagasse, and DP CleanTech offers some of the best proven and most cost effective technology for converting these fuels into power and heat. Despite abundant resources, India’s biomass market still suffers from poor fuel supply. The government is funding initiatives to improve its agricultural and forestry infrastructure to provide more stable fuel supply lines for emerging biomass power plants. Furthermore, the technology used in traditional biomass plants are generally unsuitable and too unreliable for Indian conditions, and combined with lack of fuel flexibility and high costs for small scale plants, profits are not often realized. DP offers a cost-optimized 10 MWe mixed fuel solution which uses using high pressure high temperature technology. It is specifically tailored to Indian fuel stocks, and has proven reliability and guaranteed performance.
Another severe problem faced throughout the urban areas is that of municipal waste. With landfill in very short supply and environmentally unsustainable, the Indian government has focused on waste management as a priority. DP’s mass burn WtE solutions are both proven and ideally suited to the unsorted waste typically being used as feedstock.