Friday, 20 April 2012

DP CleanTech technology used to meet emissions standards in Exeter’s first Waste-to-Energy power plant

DP CleanTech has been awarded the contract to supply the Flue Gas Treatment system for Devon County Council’s ( first waste-to-energy power plant in Exeter. DP CleanTech has extensive experience in redefining complex requirements in order to deliver specialized solutions, and has a proven track record in delivering reliable and cost effective systems for meeting emissions standards all over Europe. The company will design, manufacture, install and commission the complete Flue Gas Treatment system and was awarded the contract by EPC contactor Groupe Tiru SA, who are responsible for the overall delivery of the plant. DP CleanTech opened its specialized Flue Gas Cleaning Division in Wolverhampton, UK at the end of 2011.

Simon Parker, CEO DP CleanTech stated that: ‘“We are delighted to be awarded this contract and we look forward to working closely with our partners in delivering a first class product. This project represents the next step in our growth strategy - flue gas cleaning being an increasingly important constituent of producing true clean energy. Our decision to focus on the UK is validated with the award of this significant project, and we look forward to increasing our presence further in the UK as it looks to embrace a clean energy future”.

David Ryan, Engineering Manager, DP CleanTech commented: “Historically, a major hindrance to the growth of the waste-to-energy industry is public misconception of the associated emissions and health risks. We are confident that we will significantly exceed the most stringent EU standards, and in so doing drive a real change in attitude towards Municipal Solid Waste as a practical and desirable alternative source of energy.”

DP CleanTech continues to expand its scope in waste-to-energy and sees an enormous potential in the UK both in this sector, and also in biomass to heat and power. The new 3MWe plant in Exeter will convert 60,000 tons of Devon’s municipal solid waste into renewable energy and help the county achieve its Landfill Allowance Target set by the UK government. The plant also acts as an important example for other local authorities to follow and speed up the process for moving England towards a zero waste society. DP CleanTech is singularly focused on delivering biomass and waste-to-energy solutions for multiple fuel types and diverse customer requirements. Its global track record has consistently proven the efficiency of its solutions in delivering clean, reliable and cost effective renewable energy, and with this project, the company hopes to further demonstrate its credentials in the UK market.