Thursday, 26 August 2010

DP CleanTech technology for wood chip fired boiler plant

DP CleanTech has teamed up with Axis Technologies, an EPC supplier from Lithuania to extend a pre-existing fossil fuel burning plant with a renewable biomass power plant.

The plant in Siauliai, Lithuania currently burns natural gas and heavy fuel, the owners, Siauliai Energija have decided to add a new biomass fired boiler, bringing increased power to the area for zero net gain in CO2 emissions.

DP CleanTech will provide engineering, project management, procurement, manufacturing and supervision of construction and commissioning for the complete boiler island and estimates the entire plant to be fully operational by April 2012. The steam parameters of the boiler will be 460°C and 45 bar and the steam production will be 50 t/h. The power plant is expected to produce 10 MW for electricity and 37 MW for district heating, enough power to supply 30,000 homes as well as 45% of the cities heating requirements. The plant’s performance will be enhanced though additional features that recover heat from the flue gas condensation; allowing the plant to run at 101% overall efficiency. Further, the plant has been designed to be fuel flexible; although predominantly fueled by wood-chips the plant will also be capable of burning peat, another abundant fuel source in the area.