Tuesday, 08 January 2013

DP CleanTech signs contract with Polish Energy Partners for 30 MW straw-fired plant

DP CleanTech announced the recent signing of a contract for the delivery of a 30 MW biomass power plant to Polish Energy Partners (PEP) for USD 34.1 m. The complete straw-fired power plant will be delivered on a turnkey basis to PEP in Winsko, in South West Poland.  During  2011 and 2012, DP CleanTech produced the specifications for all supply packages for the project, and during the next 24 months will exclusively engineer,  manufacture and commission the combustion boiler, fuel feeding and air system.   The end of 2014 will see the hot commissioning of the boiler island and the first steam to turbine.

DP CleanTech is the world leader in straw-fired technology, and the company leverages its unique experience, ongoing R&D program and dedication to biomass power to cost effectively deliver some of the most cutting edge high pressure, high temperature technology in the world.  The plant in Winsko will demonstrate the unique optimization of DP CleanTech technology.  As well as being enhanced to handle up to 80% wood chips, the special boiler design will also minimize NOx emissions, and an innovative feeding system will handle both square and round bales.  Mr Zbigniew Prokopowicz, CEO of PEP highlighted that ‘For this project, longstanding practical experience and technical expertise in developing enhanced solutions, backed up by proven technology were key factors behind our decision to work with DP CleanTech’.

PEP is active in the biomass and wind power sector and is one of the main pioneers for biomass power in Poland. Krzysztof Dragon COO at DP CleanTech said ‘We are great admirers of what PEP are trying to achieve with biomass power in Poland. We have built a solid relationship with PEP, and hope to work together to develop further projects which build on a shared vision of the increasingly important role that biomass can play in Poland’s energy mix. ’

Poland is poised to become one of the major growth markets in the European biomass industry, with its attractive incentive scheme and a growing interest in biomass as the country tries to move away from its dependence on coal and to meet EU renewable energy targets.