Tuesday, 23 July 2013

DP CleanTech restructures to increase focus on growth markets.

DP CleanTech has recently restructured the Group to focus its resources on the key growth markets within Europe and Asia. Increasingly, the opportunities presented by positive investor and government interest in the role that biomass power can play in the renewable energy portfolio are coming from emerging markets in these regions. At an investor level, biomass power is experiencing a resurgence of interest. At a regulatory and policy level, there is a renewed awareness and acknowledgement of the additional environmental and social benefits afforded by medium sized (10-30MW) power plants which primarily use locally sourced waste biomass. DP CleanTech is the world leader in providing the most efficient and scalable solutions for single and mixed fuel biomass power plants. Following the restructure, DP is even better positioned to work closely with developers to support anticipated growth in the UK, Eastern Europe, as well as in China and South East Asia.

As an additional initiative, DP CleanTech has launched a Global Engineering Services Ap/S business unit (“GES”), based in Denmark. The GES is a ‘Centre of Excellence’ for some of DP CleanTech’s most experienced biomass and waste-to-energy engineers. They will oversee engineering on all global projects to ensure first class quality, as well as drive continuous development of new technology improve the efficiency, availability and fuel flexibility of DP CleanTech’s boiler design and associated componentry. The GES team is already involved in a number of global initiatives and projects.