Tuesday, 19 July 2011

DP CleanTech increases its investment in Poland with an additional 2,000 square metre workshop in Jedrezejow, and a new engineering office in Gliwitze

DP CleanTech is rapidly building its operations in Poland, having recognized that high quality manufacturing and professional skills are readily available to support rapid growth in the global waste to energy industry.

Only 18 months after DP Cleantech invested €1.5mill in a manufacturing facility inJędrzejów, the company is further increasing capacity by an additional 2,000 square meters, and anticipates growing the workforce by more than 50 people. The new capacity will increase production volume , and expand product scope to include Inconel wall welding, a key component in the growing waste to energy market.

To further support global expansion, DPCleanTech has also opened a new €100,000 state- of- the- art engineering hub in Gliwitze, within the fast growing industrial region of Silesia, Poland. More than 50 qualified engineers will be hired in the coming months, thereby significantly increasing the global engineering workforce. DP CleanTech anticipates that the integration of this new engineering hub with the nearby manufacturing facility will offer a more streamlined and cost efficient product and service that will benefit both global and local markets.

Mr. Simon Parker, Chief Executive Officer of DP CleanTech Group commented “We are delighted to be increasing our commitment to Poland both in manufacturing and in engineering. The dedication shown by our team here every day validates our decision to make Poland a core platform of our global growth strategy."

Mr. Krzysztof Dragon, Vice President and Head of Global Manufacturing said “The Poland facilities are a critical component of our global production strategy. As we grow in size we are able to increase our specialization in different locations thus ensuring consistently high quality and better cost management.”

In opening the new Engineering facility, MrMarcinPiszczek, Mayor for Jędrzejów said ” DP CleanTech is the first entity to have located its factory in the Southern industrial zone of Jędrzejów commune. We feel very optimistic about the rapid growth of DPCleantech, and the new workshop and resulting new employment opportunities are very good news for our town and its inhabitants.”

About DP CleanTech.

DP CleanTech has more than 60 biomass and waste to energy projects around the world, with offices in Europe and Asia. Established in 2004, DP CleanTech designs, engineers, manufactures and commissions biomass and waste to energy power plants, providing complete solutions for turning waste materials into clean energy. DP CleanTech has built 50 biomass power plants around the world, using high pressure, high temperature technology originally developed in Denmark. Today, DP CleanTech is recognized as a world leader in the biomass clean energy field - with a strong presence in both Europe and Asia. DP CleanTech built the first biomass power plant in China and is responsible for 70% of the biomass power plants operating in China today.

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