Friday, 07 December 2012

DP CleanTech honored with Hi-Tech Enterprise

On 19th November, 2012, DP CleanTech in Beijing, China was officially designated as a “Hi-Tech Enterprise”.  The accolade was granted from the Beijing Municipal Science Committee, after a thorough process of endorsement through many different municipal business and scientific agencies.    As such, DP CleanTech is now deemed to be an outstanding leader, and pillar of the Hi-Tech industry in China.

To achieve such an award, an enterprise must be considered fundamental to the ongoing development of the ‘Hi Tech’ industry.  It must have core independent intellectual properties, which it is continuing to develop and promote.   It must also have demonstrated specific scientific and technological achievements.

As the world leading renewable energy company headquartered both in Beijing (China) and Copenhagen (Denmark), DP CleanTech has provided innovative biomass energy solutions for more than 80 projects both in China and abroad.  It scope of service covers research and development, design, engineering, manufacturing, commissioning and after sales activities.

The company has been instrumental in developing the biomass industry in China.  In 2006, DP CleanTech built the first ever biomass power plant in China, located in Shanxian, Shandong province.  Since then, it has been responsible for 50% of China’s biomass power plants operating today.   Since the 11th Five Year Plan Period to the current 12th Five Year plan, DP CleanTech has expanded its client base in China, which now includes world’s largest biomass energy group - NBE; Everbright Group, CECEP, Chant, Shaoneng Group and others.   With clear renewable energy targets, and visionary yet practical Chinese government policies now in place, the industry in China is poised to grow still further. 

As one of the only renewable energy companies to be honored with this award, DP CleanTech will continue to strengthen its position with ongoing investments in R&D; and with a steady commitment to recruit and develop its highly talented team of employees in China.   Simon Parker, CEO is confident that “We are very grateful for the recognition of our contribution to the clean energy industry in China and, with the benefits that come with this designation, we can increase further our investments toward a better future.”

Founded in 2004, DP CleanTech designs, engineers, manufactures and commissions biomass and waste to energy power plants, providing complete solutions for turning waste materials into clean energy. DP CleanTech has built 50 biomass power plants around the world and has a further 30 under development, using high pressure, and high temperature technology originally developed in Denmark. Today DP CleanTech is recognized as a world leader in the biomass clean energy field with a strong presence in both Europe and Asia. DP CleanTech built the first biomass power plant in China and is responsible for 50% of the biomass power plants operating in China today.