Thursday, 19 November 2009

DP CleanTech Group Limited designated as a High and New Technology Enterprise

DP CleanTech announced today that it has been accredited as a “High and New Technology Enterprise” by Beijing Municipal Government, issued jointly by the Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Finance and State Administration of Taxation,

This accreditation is a reflection of the technological achievements of the Company in the expansion of its proprietary intellectual property. Following its continuous technical innovations, DP CleanTech group limited was granted patents on two power equipment manufacturing technologies; the “Straw Dosing Silo” equipment can be applied to conventional coal fired power stations, it enables them to run successfully on a coal and straw mixed fuel.  Further to this DP CleanTech invented a way of avoiding low temperature corrosion in the air pre-heater. The new technology enables higher boiler efficiencies and reduced maintenance costs.

The accreditation also makes the Company eligible for a number of preferential policies to support ongoing R&D initiatives.

DP CleanTech was the first in China to study and apply the technology of directly burning biomass to generate electricity. Their unique technology originated in Denmark and has been constantly optimized and adapted to broaden the range of fuels that can be efficiently burned.

DP CleanTech’s water cooled vibrating grate is now a well proven technology, its intelligent design enables a very thorough combustion on multiple fuels. Today, the DP CleanTech Group is a world leader in design, manufacture and building of biomass power plants. Through its subsidiary, National Bioenergy, the Group is also the largest biomass electric power provider in China with a total of 408 MW of installed capacity in 19 biomass power plants accounting for over 70% of the Chinese market.

As a world leader in renewable energy, DP CleanTech will build on its recent accreditation to maintain strict environmental standards and front the development of biomass power generation as a major sustainable energy source for the future. Biomass fuels are considered to be carbon neutral as the CO2 emitted during the combustion process is reabsorbed by the next generation of crops. Further to this the DP CleanTech boilers are enabled to run on agricultural waste residues which would otherwise be discarded, burnt in open fields or left to rot releasing methane gas into the atmosphere (a greenhouse gas 20 times more potent than CO2).

About DP CleanTech Limited.: DPCleanTech is a world leader in providing biomass power plant solutions in the rapidly growing global renewable energy industry. With centers of expertise in both Europe and China, DP CleanTech is a truly global business. The unique technology originated in Denmark has been constantly optimized and is now manufactured in multiple locations in Europe and China. DP CleanTech provides design, and engineering, procurement, & construction (EPC) services to deliver turnkey biomass power plants with 19 dedicated biomass power plants in operation. DP CleanTech is a subsidiary company of the Dragon Power Group which also owns and operates 19 biomass power plants in China.