Tuesday, 04 December 2012

DP CleanTech, global leader in biomass solutions announces equity buyout

DP CleanTech, the company at the forefront of the biomass industry in Europe and Asia has announced a change in the ownership structure, effective from 28th November 2012.  The change is as a result of an equity buyout led by the longstanding CEO, Simon Parker, and is accompanied by a refinancing deal.

DP CleanTech has headquarters in Denmark and China, and has recently won several large projects in both Europe and Asia and is poised to expand its reference list with further confirmed developments in these regions.

The company’s CEO, Simon Parker, had the following comments regarding the future.  “We are very pleased  to take full control of the company at such an exciting time for the industry, which we strongly believe is primed for solid growth -  most notably in annual crop residues where we have a strong position.  Governments around the world are increasingly recognizing the benefits of biomass as a complement to other renewable energy sources, and over the last few years we have placed ourselves firmly in the market to work successfully with all stakeholders.”  

He added, “Most importantly, we are very encouraged by the level of support that has been demonstrated by our major customers and suppliers throughout this transition.   With their endorsement and  the dedication of our  employees, we are better positioned than ever before to  maintain a leadership position in the global biomass market“

Since 2004, DP CleanTech has pioneered the market in China, where it is the undisputed market leader, with over 30 plants in operation and 22 under development.  This presence, together with the acquisition of leading European biomass technology companies, and the opening of offices in 7 countries around the world has formed the strategic cornerstones of  technological excellence; unrivalled experience and biomass combustion knowledge; cost effective production, and superior capabilities in local execution.