Saturday, 20 August 2011

DP CleanTech biomass and waste-to-energy conference at the Qingdao beer festival, China

On 20th – 21st August 2011 DP CleanTech hosted a biomass power and waste to energy conference at the Qingdao Beer festival.

The conference was set up to explore China’s potential for further biomass power development as well as introducing waste to energy technology. During the morning of the first day DP CleanTech CEO,Simon Parker and DP CleanTech Global Head of Sales, Anders Brendstrup gave presentations introducing the company as well as its waste to energy technology. Also National Bio Energy’s Director of Technology, Zhuang Hui Yong, gave an insightful presentation about capitalizing on the opportunities presented by the biomass industry in China. MrZhuang holds numerous high level positions throughout government affiliated organisations related to the biomass industry.

On the second day all participants were escorted to DP CleanTech’s CECIC Wei Fang power plant so customers could see one of DP CleanTech’s latest power plants first-hand.

To see the video, please click here.