Tuesday, 28 June 2016

DP CleanTech and China Electronic System Engineering Corporation (CESEC) agree to strategic collaboration on renewable energy projects in China

DP CleanTech Ltd and CESEC have signed a strategic cooperation and collaboration agreement to further develop and utilise DP’s patented and licensed technology and knowhow for boiler island equipment and other associated equipment. Multiple 30MWe projects are planned; and contracts are already in place for 2016 projects. CESEC is a subsidiary of China Electronics Corporation (CEC) focused on developing business interests and investments in renewable energy projects. The agreement with DP covers a scope of services that spans the value chain from strategic consultancy to maintenance contracts; and will provide CESEC a platform for the development of the most advanced biomass power plants in China.  
With this agreement DP is able to commit considerable R&D resources to further developing its patented HPHT technology to ensure that CESEC plants are utilising the highest efficiency boiler island equipment available.  The application of DP’s know-how in not only the provision, but the optimisation and integration of all boiler island equipment and processes is an inherent and demonstrated factor which has enabled DP technology plants to be the best performing in China.    
CESEC’s General Manager, Mr NiXin observed that “Developing a renewables portfolio is an important part of our strategy and to do this successfully, we have focused on the selection of partners who are not only able to align with our business objectives and deliver first class solutions; but who also share our vision of China leading the world in the pace and quality of biomass power plant development.  As a market leader in China, DP has already brought both quality and commitment to the industry”.
DP CEO Simon Parker further commented that “We are truly excited to be given the opportunity to work with one of China’s leading companies to fulfil a mutual desire to continue the transformation of China’s biomass industry so that it reflects the most advanced and innovative technology available.  We can only grow and continue to invest with the partnership of visionary companies such as CESEC”. 
Founded in 2004, DP CleanTech designs, engineers, manufactures and commissions biomass and waste to energy power plants, providing complete solutions for turning waste materials into clean energy. DP CleanTech’s high pressure, high temperature technology was originally developed in Denmark and is behind over 80 biomass power plants around the world.  DP CleanTech built the first biomass power plant in China and is responsible for over 30% of the biomass power plants operating in China today. With an increasingly strong presence in Asia, Africa and South America, DP continues to lead the industry with pioneering new products and initiatives for continuous improvement.   
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