Sunday, 31 January 2010

DP CleanTech acquires Danish biomass plant manufacturer BIOENER

DP CleanTech, a global biomass energy provider today announced their acquisition of Danish straw fired combustion specialists Bioener ApS of Denmark. It is expected that this powerful combination will lead an acceleration in the deployment of biomass to energy solutions around the world.

DP CleanTech has been a central force within the Biomass energy industry for a number of years, with centres of expertise in Europe and China. The specialised straw firing technology and expertise from Bioener will further increase DP CleanTech’s value proposition to it’s customers as well as contribute significantly to the Group’s extensive reference list globally. Together Bioener and DP CleanTech have over 35 biomass power plant references globally on multiple different fuel types.

Bioener has been innovating and optimizing high efficiency boiler technology for almost 40 years. Today the company specializes in the design and manufacture of highly efficient straw-fired power plants, Bioener’s unique high temperature high pressure boilers boasts efficiency rates of over 92% making it one of the most advanced technologies in the world.

DP CleanTech operates throughout the entire bio-energy supply chain. Their commanding presence in China has clearly demonstrated the scalability and efficacy of large scale deployment with 19 power plants put into operation within 5 years and several more planned to be put into commercial operation in 2010.

Owning this critical technology represents a substantial step forward for DP CleanTech. “We believe that the biomass to power industry will grow very fast in the coming years. With this key strategic acquisition, we are positioning ourselves to take advantage of this opportunity and deliver the best possible solutions to the market” commented DP CleanTech CEO, Mr. Simon Parker.

With a dominant footprint in Europe and Asia it is anticipated that DP CleanTech can draw on it’s newly acquired talent to further broaden its reach. DP CleanTech Europe CEO, Henrik Aaroe stated "We are delighted to have Bioener join the DP CleanTech family. Along with world leading technology and references, we are well positioned to utilize the full range of experience and knowledge that the Bioener employees bring with them."

About DP CleanTech Limited.: DPCleanTech is a world leader in providing biomass power plant solutions in the rapidly growing global renewable energy industry. With centers of expertise in both Europe and China, DP CleanTech is a truly global business. The unique technology originated in Denmark has been constantly optimized and is now manufactured in multiple locations in Europe and China. DP CleanTech provides design, and engineering, procurement, & construction (EPC) services to deliver turnkey biomass power plants with 19 dedicated biomass power plants in operation. DP CleanTech is a subsidiary company of the Dragon Power Group which also owns and operates 19 biomass power plants in China.