Friday, 21 September 2018

DP presents at the 2018 Shanghai International Solid Waste Management Summit

The 2018 International Solid Waste Management Summit 2018 was held in Shanghai from 12-15th September, hosting over 400 attendees from China’s leading environmental protection companies. The summit provided opportunities to share knowledge and experiences on MSW and hazardous waste treatment, landfill mining management, and discuss related policies.   
As a leading renewable energy and environmental management company, DP Cleantech Co. Ltd was a leading participant, and Mr. Reinhard Goeschl, Chairman of DP Waste Management gave a speech on “Changing Landfill into a Sustainable Asset”. Mr. Goeschl is the founder of IUT group, the leading European waste technology company which was acquired by DP in June 2018. The core waste management technologies brought to DP include waste sorting, RDF production, Anaerobic Digestion (ADOS) and landfill management.
Mr Goeschl highlighted that China could benefit tremendously from advanced techniques in landfill management to create a better environment and rehabilitate valuable land, particularly in urban areas. This view was supported by other presentations which reviewed the latest policies in China’s 13th FYP period. Mr Goeschl outlined the opportunities for creating value from this process through materials recovery and increased land value. Globally, Mr Goeschl has personally overseen over 100 such landfill projects in the last 10 years, operating in extreme climatic conditions, and including the largest landfill project in the world in Sharjah, UAE. In all cases, the proprietary Smell-Well technology was a key aspect of preparing landfill for mining or further treatment, and he believes that the technology is highly applicable to the requirements in China. He went on to describe the key aspects and benefits of Smell-Well technology.  
Smell-Well technology 
  • Is the first step in changing the status of the landfill from anaerobic to aerobic, and oxidizes the remaining methane to rapidly create a safe environment for further treatment.
  • Prepares the landfill to enable sorting, recycling and refilling to return a smaller volume.
  • The preparation process is effective within 3 hours, which is faster than most other technologies and speeds up the project overall.
  • Can be used for pre-treatment or long term treatment of landfills, and in either case the solution is more time and cost effective than most other technologies.
In general, the Summit underlined the fact that rapid economic growth, urbanization and personal income growth in China have created significant pressures on many aspects of the environment. Waste is posing a long term threat to health and the environment, and this is recognized by policies and directives defined in the 13th FYP. However, the chosen solutions must be based on properly considered technology choices and sound economic investment decisions. The waste management solutions must be proven to be efficient and effective for waste types ranging from municipal solid waste, kitchen waste, industrial and hazardous waste. DP has long been a leading solution provider for renewable energy technology in China. With the addition of Smell-Well and other IUT technologies in waste sorting, RDF production and anaerobic digestion DP is now delivering the full range of the most advanced and effective technologies to address the problems of multiple waste types in China.