Monday, 14 May 2018

Leading Chinese MSW Investor DCEP Chooses DP CleanTech for 1st Biomass Power Plant

DCEP (De Chang Environment Protection Corporation) – a leading company in the China waste management industry - has chosen DP CleanTech’s advanced HTHP biomass solution for its first biomass-to-energy power plant.  The biomass industry in China has been boosted by successive Chinese Government Five Year Plans; and the most recent plan (2016-2020) sets specific targets for local and regional implementation.  With a decade of proven economic success for biomass to energy - yet only ~5% of total agricultural waste resources currently being utilized - there is much remaining potential, and investors such as DCEP are starting to take tangible steps towards the market.  DP’s proven technology is behind over 70 successful projects in China, and its advanced HTHP water cooled vibration grate (WCVG) and 1*130 tph boiler has been selected as the most efficient and reliable solution by DCEP.  Unlike most other technologies, DP’s patented HTHP solution can efficiently combust over 60 types of agricultural & forestry waste, and a typical 30MW plant returns over 8000 operating hours per annum.  
The DECP project will be located in Yahe Industrial Zone, Nanyang City, Henan Province.  The designed fuels will include wheat and corn straw, peanut husks and mixed forestry waste.  This feedstock combination is typical of the complexity faced by most China biomass operators, and highlights the importance of technology that is both fuel flexible and highly efficient for a variety of feedstock.  DP’s technology is proven and well recognized as the most efficient and reliable for such fuel conditions.   
DP CleanTech CEO Simon Parker commented: “DP has been the solution provider of choice for many Chinese investors taking the first step into the biomass to energy industry. From pioneering the first biomass power plant in China in 2006; to delivering over 70 subsequent projects, DP’s proven solution, longstanding experience and knowhow provide confidence to new entrants to the industry.  Forward-thinking companies such as DCEP have understood that there is significant underutilization of the 700 million tons of agricultural waste being generated annually; and that with the correct approach there are many opportunities to profitably develop this market”.
DCEP President Mr. Shi Zhongdan expressed his delight on DCEP’s first investment in biomass, “As one of the leading MSW investors in China, DCEP has made significant progress in the waste management industry, using world leading technologies to minimize, recycle and treat waste.  We have extensive knowledge and experience in all aspects of waste treatment, which we believe will benefit our biomass investment and operation. Our commitment to the industry and to deploying world leading technologies brings DCEP and DP together.” 
About DP
Founded in 2004, DP CleanTech Group delivers a range of advanced, proprietary technology and service solutions for the renewable energy and environmental management industries. DP’s longstanding expertise in waste to clean energy conversion is enhanced with the latest knowhow and technologies in emissions management; automation, and waste water treatment. DP’s specialist consultancy business offers tailored advice on all aspects of the project development process, including financing and project feasibility. DP’s world class technologies originated in Europe and are the market leaders in China. Significant DP operations in Europe and Asia - including manufacturing, engineering, R&D and design – support global growth, and underpin an ongoing strategy to pioneer ground-breaking technologies with which to lead the advancement of renewable energy and environmental protection.
About DCEP
DCEP was established in June 2003, jointly financed by Delixi Group Co. Ltd and Changjiang Electric Group Co. Ltd. As a listed company (stock code: 832218), the main business scope of DCEP is MSW and industrial waste treatment, and the company has considerable experience in the investment, construction and operational management of projects in the environmental protection industry.  With several operating waste power plants located in Zhejiang Province, China, DCEP has targeted further investments in renewables during the 13th Five Year Plan period.    
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