Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Fairway Waste Management (Pvt) Ltd selects DP CleanTech for first Waste to Energy project in Sri Lanka

Effective 18th October 2017, DP CleanTech Ltd has signed a contract to supply a landmark waste to Energy project developed by Fairway Waste Management (Pvt) Ltd, a Public Private Partnership with the Sri Lankan Government. The 12MWe Karadiyana Waste Processing Project in Colombo District, Western Province is an integrated processing facility and is the first such project in Sri Lanka.

DP CleanTech is supplying and commissioning its well-proven waste combustion boiler and grate solution; as well as the plant automation and flue gas cleaning systems. DP’s high-performing solution will deliver superior plant efficiency and stability, and it is expected that in total the project will supply 79,000,000 kWh of electricity to the grid per annum. DP is supplying its proprietary plant automation system to ensure that the plant is optimised 24/7; and is also providing the flue gas cleaning and emissions control system to manage emissions to EU2010 standards.

This pioneering project deploys both combustion and biological process technologies to treat organic and inorganic MSW; thereby ensuring that the whole waste stream is being utilised in the recovery of energy and nutrients. It will be the first waste to energy facility in Sri Lanka to meet all international environmental and sustainability standards. In processing up to 500 MT (metric tons)/day of fresh municipal solid waste (MSW), the facility will reduce landfill waste from the catchment area by up to 90% and will immediately improve the environment for local communities as well as providing electricity for up to 37,500 homes.


Formal contract award ceremony for Fairway Holdings to develop the W2E project for which DP is a key supplier

At the inauguration ceremony, DP’s CEO Simon Parker expressed his confidence in the initiative. “DP has worked hand in hand with Fairway Waste Management and the EPC contractor ISGEC in putting together the right solution and team for this visionary project. Our focus will now be on confirming the trust that Fairway has placed in us to deliver a successful integrated waste to energy project in Sri Lanka. We see this as a great model and look forward to working with our partners on similarly scaled projects in the region”.

Fairway Waste Management Executive Director/CTO, Dr. Pasad Kulatunga also commented that “We are immensely proud to be leading the way in Sri Lanka‘s efforts to provide sustainable energy solutions to support social, economic and environmental development. Our chosen solutions are trusted and proven technologies, which have been reliably deployed worldwide. Working with DP to define the plant design has highlighted the depth of their expertise and the quality of their design and planning process. We look forward to this being the first of many successful partnerships”.

About DP

Founded in 2004, DP CleanTech Group delivers a range of advanced, proprietary technology and service solutions for the renewable energy and environmental management industries. DP’s longstanding expertise in waste to clean energy conversion is enhanced with the latest knowhow and technologies in emissions management; automation, and waste water treatment. DP’s specialist consultancy business offers tailored advice on all aspects of the project development process, including financing and project feasibility. DP’s world class technologies originated in Europe and are the market leaders in China. Significant DP operations in Europe and Asia - including manufacturing, engineering, R&D and design – support global growth, and underpin an ongoing strategy to pioneer ground-breaking technologies with which to lead the advancement of renewable energy and environmental protection.

About Fairway Holdings

A home grown Sri Lankan conglomerate, Fairway Holdings, is renowned for its dynamism and rapid growth, as well as its deep commitment to Green practices. A name synonymous with luxury vertical living, the success of Fairway extends to diverse ventures with interests in Leisure, Aviation, Trading, Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology, and Financial Services. Fairway Holdings continue to widen the scope of our business interests in a progressive and a sustainable manner in keeping with their ethos.

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