Monday, 18 May 2020

DP signs contract for MSW to Biogas plant in Bangladesh

DP has recently signed a contract to deliver an MSW-to-biogas solution to the city and municipality of Patuakhali, on the southern coastal region of Bangladesh. Patuakhali is one of the oldest municipalities in the country and has all the characteristics of a rapidly growing urban, industrial area. Huge population growth and increasing levels of consumption have led to spiralling levels of municipal and industrial waste, and the waste management system has not been able to keep pace. The low lying area is bounded by three rivers and is also prone to flooding, which further exacerbates the problems of contamination and odour. Public health issues caused by environmental degradation and poor waste management are serious concerns for the local community and municipality leaders.  

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Courtesy of: The Daily Star

A number of small scale projects are operating to try and address the waste problem, but the projects lack coordination and focus primarily on the mechanics of waste collection and (often uncontrolled) open landfill dumping. The emphasis is slowly turning to more sustainable waste management projects, and DP has recently signed a project for an MSW-to-biogas plant using 100 tpd of primarily organic, pre-sorted MSW. In cooperation with Dhaka-based Bangladesh partner Chicks and Feeds, the project will produce biogas of approximately 10.000 Nm³/day; and 60t/day of compost. The biogas will be upgraded to biomethane (CNG) and food grade quality CO2  by the owner.  
This type of project represents a huge step forward for the city. Treating waste as a valuable resource precipitates the development of a more coordinated infrastructure and industry for waste collection and sorting. This, in turn, starts to improve the local environment and associated health risks. Whilst the transformation is slow, the pressure for change is gathering pace and DP is an experienced partner in helping local owners and developers design the most appropriate system for their requirements. DP has worked on numerous projects in similar environments, designing and installing waste sorting and biogas conversion technologies which are well proven, reliable and maintenance friendly. For this project, the MSW treatment plant will use a Dry Anaerobic Digestion system developed by DP and already used in numerous projects worldwide.
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