Thursday, 26 July 2018

DP Further Extends Global Projects list with 25MWe Biomass Project in S Africa

On 11 July 2018 leading renewables company DP CleanTech Ltd signed a contract with EPC consortium partner KC Cottrell to deliver a 25 MWe wood chip fired boiler for a biomass power plant in Mpumalanga Province, South Africa.   This contract is the latest in a series of global projects which DP has won in the last 12 months and further strengthens DP’s international reputation and status as a renewable energy and environmental solutions provider. 
The project is located on the site of the Sappi Ngodwana Pulp and Paper Mill in Mpumalanga Province, South Africa, 50km west of Mbombela. DP will supply and commission the boiler for the 25MWe Biomass Power Plant which will consume up to 41.6 t/h of biomass waste from surrounding plantations, as well as waste materials from the mill production process. The generated power will be fed into the national grid. The project commenced on the 24th July and is expected to take around 27 months to construct and commission.
The Sappi project forms part of the recently signed South African Government Renewable Energy Independent Power Producer Procurement Programme (REIPPPP) whereby the Department of Energy (DoE) in South Africa will procure 27 new projects in the coming few years, paving the way for significant future investment and growth in the renewable energy industry.   
DP CEO Simon Parker commented that  “DP has long believed in the potential of the biomass industry in South Africa, and we are delighted to be working on one of the first reference REIPPPP projects with the EPC consortium partner KC Cottrell. We fully anticipate that the success of such projects will achieve the REIPPPP objectives of driving socio-economic change and making positive contributions to the long-term growth and prosperity of South Africa.”  
In a separate statement about the project, Sappi Southern Africa CEO, Alex Thiel said “Sappi is proud to contribute to the increased availability of renewable energy in South Africa, and we will continue to focus on extracting maximum value from the renewable and sustainable wood fibre that we grow. This project builds on our continued investments at Ngodwana Mill.” 
About DP CleanTech
Founded in 2004, DP CleanTech Group designs, engineers, manufactures and commissions biomass and waste to energy power plants, providing complete solutions for turning waste materials into clean energy. DP’s core technologies were originally developed in Denmark and are behind over 80 biomass power plants around the world.  DP successfully developed and adapted these technologies in China; has significant operations in Europe and Asia and is experiencing growth in Africa and South America. DP is now clearly recognised as a world leader in the biomass and waste to energy industry.  Today, our pioneering tradition continues with an expanded portfolio of innovative waste-to-energy and environmental management technologies with which to lead the advancement of renewable energy and environmental protection.   
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