Monday, 10 June 2019

DP CleanTech expands scope for pioneering Sri Lanka Waste to Energy project developed by Fairway Waste Management (Pvt) Ltd

In late 2017, DP CleanTech Ltd signed a contract to supply and commission the boiler island (boiler+ grate); plant automation and flue gas cleaning systems for a combined combustion and biological treatment facility for MSW in Sri Lanka.  The landmark waste to energy project is being developed by Fairway Waste Management (Pvt) Ltd, a Public Private Partnership with the Sri Lankan Government.  The Karadiyana Waste Processing facility in Colombo District, Western Province was subsequently put on hold for some months but is now back on track.  During the hiatus, DP’s scope of work was expanded significantly to include DP’s waste treatment and biological processing solution - the DP ADOS System. 
For this ground-breaking project, DP will be deploying its newest “one-stop” proprietary solution – the  Advanced Integrated Multi Waste System (AIMS) for which DP’s highly efficient  and well-proven individual technologies have been fully integrated and optimised in an end-to-end process for MSW sorting and materials recovery, thermal combustion and biological treatment of organic and inorganic waste fractions.  
The whole waste stream will be utilised in the recovery of energy and nutrients, providing significant advantages in power output, operational costs and lower capital investment.  After internal consumption, the thermal plant can produce 80 Million kWh/year and the AD plant 16 million kWh/year (gross).   It will supply 72,000,000 kWh/year from the thermal plant + 13,000,000 kWh/year from the AD plant of electricity to the grid per annum - enough for approximately 40,000 homes.   
The facility will process up to 500 MT (metric tons)/day of fresh municipal solid waste (MSW); 140 MT/day of organic waste and 50 MT of leachate - thus reducing landfill waste from the catchment area by up to 90%, and immediately improving the local environment.  The plant will be the first waste to energy facility in Sri Lanka to meet all international environmental standards.  
The AIMS solution leverages DP’s core engineering skills and experience to deliver a unique, flexible solution to reuse and recover energy from MSW.   The efficiency of power production using the AIMS solution is 30% higher than traditional treatment systems due to the way in which water is handled throughout the process.  The innovative plant design allows developers and communities to deal simultaneously and efficiently with different fractions of MSW, whilst generating power and other resources, making this model particularly suited to the economic and practical challenges faced by emerging markets.   It also offers scalability and a feedstock flexibility that provides assurance for the future. 
Speaking of the latest development, DP’s CEO Simon Parker expressed his appreciation to the project development team “We would like to thank Fairway Waste Management and our partner, ISGEC for their confidence in DP and our AIMS solution.  The design of this project lies at the heart of our waste strategy to effectively and efficiently maximise energy recovery whilst meeting the highest environmental standards. We are convinced that this is the direction for the future and look forward to showcasing this project to governments and developers as a proactive solution for the growing problem of waste”.   
Fairway Waste Management CEO, Dr. Pasad Kulatunga also commented “We are delighted with the recommencement of our project at Karidiyana.  Working with the DP team to define the latest plant design has highlighted the depth of their expertise and knowledge; and we have appreciated their collaborative approach during this challenging time for our project and Sri Lanka.  We now have a coherent and effective solution and a dedicated team with which to lead Sri Lanka’s efforts in developing a modern, sustainable energy portfolio”. 
About DP
Founded in 2004, DP CleanTech Group is a leading renewable and environmental management company which designs, engineers, manufactures, project-manages and commissions biomass, waste-to-energy and waste management projects.  Our focus is the efficient and environmentally responsible transformation of all types of waste - agricultural, forestry, industrial, household or landfill - into a productive resource, using the most advanced technologies available. Our excellent reputation has been built on proven, reliable technology and world class execution - which has been demonstrated in over 300 projects around the world.  DP’s core waste and environmental management technologies originated in Europe, and these have been successfully adapted to meet the requirements in many different markets.  Significant DP operations in Europe and Asia - including manufacturing, engineering, R&D and design – support our global growth strategy.   DP Group currently has over 200 employees located in 10 offices in 8 countries.  
About Fairway Holdings 
Fairway Holdings is a Sri Lankan conglomerate that is renowned for its dynamism and rapid growth, as well as its deep commitment to Green practices. In keeping with this ethos, Fairway Holdings continue to broaden its business interests in a progressive and a sustainable manner.  Already a name synonymous with luxury vertical living, the success of Fairway extends to diverse ventures with interests in Leisure, Aviation, Trading, Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology, and Financial Services.
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