Friday, 04 May 2012

DP CleanTech specialized technology selected for coal to biomass conversion project in Studstrupvaerket

Dong Energy have awarded DP CleanTech the contract to supply the Superheaters for a coal to biomass conversion project in Studstrupvaerket, Denmark. The existing 350 MW coal-fired power plant is being converted to run on a very fine waste wood powder. DP CleanTech will deliver approximately 350 tons of Superheater parts, which include replacement of Superheater-3 and 4 and part of the re-heater. The replacement of the Superheaters will extend the life time of the plant, however a conversion project of this nature is complicated and requires a customized approach to ensure the plant efficiency and availability is optimized under the new fuel.



DP CleanTech has significant knowledge of specialized biomass fuels and a proven capability in delivering cost effective, customized components for projects such as Studstrupvaerket.  DP CleanTech is also one of the few companies that has experience in working with high quality material such as Super 340 H tubes. The high performance material was specially requested by Dong Energy due to its superior performance and durability under high pressure high temperature steam parameters.

DP CleanTech is responding positively to a greater interest in upgrade projects, particularly in Europe where existing plant may be able to extend their life by upgrading and converting to cleaner renewable technologies.

DP CleanTech’s Custom Solutions Department has experienced a 25% increase in order intake since 2011; Laust Knudsen, Head of Custom Solutions, DP CleanTech said “The replacement market is no longer as simple as “one- for- one” substitution of components.  Clients now require a more customized approach when dealing with biomass and waste fuels, and this is where DP CleanTech excels, as we are one of the few companies in Europe and worldwide that is both truly competent and cost effective in this area”.