Monday, 15 April 2019

Hydraulic test successfully completed at SUS Environment’s Xifeng project

On 8th April 2019, DP’s first project with SUS Environment – a leading environmental protection company - successfully completed the hydraulic test, marking the completion of the boiler heating surface and piping system installation. This is a key stage in the installation and ensures the correct basis for operation. The next stage will be the installation of the heat insolation and auxiliary equipment. The 30MW Xifeng project is located in Liaoning Province, China and SUS selected DP’s advanced HTHP biomass solution which is equipped with a 1x130TPH High Temperature High Pressure biomass boiler and Water Cooled Vibrating Grate for this important project. 


Xifeng county is surrounded by an agricultural area of more than 800,000 acres with an annual grain production of up to 480,000 tons. Agricultural waste is both plentiful and currently underutilized in this region. The feasibility study for this project indicated that within a fuel collection radius of 50km, the annual fuel availability is up to approximately 836,000 tons per year. The feedstock will be purchased from the local area which helps to increase the income of local farmers as well as power the surrounding community. Typical fuel types in this area include corn straw, rice straw, rice husk, farming & forestry wastes, and wood processing cutoffs. The Xifeng project is designed to consume up to 260,000 tons of agricultural and forestry waste to generate up to 210,000,000 Kwh of green power. With a variety of fuels with different characteristics, it is very important to have a solution that can handle and combust multiple fuel types as well as being able to minimize the corrosive effects of straw type fuels. DP’s solution has repeatedly been proven to be the most efficient and effective solution for the fuel types in China.