Wednesday, 29 November 2017

DP's 14th biomass energy project in Anhui, China

Anhui Province is very well developed with regard to the use of biomass for producing renewable energy.

The local government has set ambitious targets of 1500MW by 2020 and the province is on track to meet them. DP already has 13 projects in the province, and Anhui government data confirms that DP HPHT technology plants are the top 5 for performance in the province. The most recent DP project in Anhui is Yingshang, located in Fuyang city Anhui province.  This is the first project between DP and WENERGY Group. The 30MWe project utilizes DPCT’s latest 130tph “High Pressure High Temperature, Water Vibrating Grate Biomass Combustion” solution in order to meet all environmental regulations and requirements, whilst providing renewable electricity and heat from local agricultural waste.

The supply and installation of the DP biomass boiler has started at the Yingshang project site. At this stage, the economizer and parts of the water cooling walls have been delivered to site, and the main steel structure and the base of the grate drive have been installed. The Yingshang project is planned to be connected to the grid in the second half of 2018.   

The completion of the Yingshang project will help the local government to improve the energy structure, protect the environment, as well as increase local farmers’ income. The plant will consume approximately 300,000 tons of agricultural waste and can generate 200 million kwh of green power per year.