Friday, 08 May 2020

DP in discussions for community biogas plants in Thailand

Since 2013, the Thai government has actively promoted the development of napier grass (elephant grass) as a source of energy - funding research grants and conducting experimental prototypes to establish the best species and growing conditions for the long term purpose of biogas production. That work is now coming to fruition, and several months ago, the Thai PEA Provincial Electricity Authority announced a push towards the development of “community scale” biogas and biomass power plants, providing a significant opportunity for us to deploy our longstanding expertise in complex fuels and biomass-to-biogas technology.   
Within the next 5 years, there is potential for more than 500 biogas plants typically ranging between 1.5 to 3MW - this represents a significant scaling up of the RE potential from tropical biomass. We anticipate that within the next few months, this initiative will generate a new FIT (feed-in-tariff) scheme which will precipitate rapid progress. Our sustained presence and reputation in Thailand and other SE Asian countries is proving valuable, as we have  been able to align  ourselves with leading developers and owners in pursuing this opportunity. In Thailand, we are capitalizing on our well known expertise in tropical biomass to optimize our Bst Anaerobic Digestion technologies for napier grass and similar fuels, and have already started discussions with several potential clients.