Wednesday, 11 June 2014

DP hosts NBE at the CGTI 2014 Report Pre-launch in Beijing

Greener, Smarter, more Productive


On Wednesday 11 June, DPCT hosted clients at a pre-launch event held in Beijing to introduce the 5th Annual China GreenTech Report (CGTI) 2014.  The event paves the way for the Report’s official launch in August. CCTV News BizAsia reported on the launch, (CCTV news report) underscoring the highly topical nature of greentech industry development. As a leading voice on the biomass industry in China, DP CEO Simon Parker gave a short presentation to outline his assessment of the critical steps needed for the greentech industry to succeed further in China. Echoing the “Greener, Smarter and more Productive” theme of this year’s report, he commended the government’s recent progress on tackling environmental issues, but stressed the need for all stakeholders to align their efforts; and for a shift in the industry mindset from that of technology transfer to  knowledge integration and cooperative development.

The CGTI report is released annually and is both highly anticipated and influential, reaching a worldwide readership. It is produced by the China Greentech Initiative, an advisory organisation that researches, develops and connects strategic insights from an expert community of over 100 companies, government representatives and industry professionals.  CGTI’s report is widely read by companies seeking to gain market insights, identify key players and establish relationships with which to initiate or accelerate their growth in China.

Greener, Smarter, More Productive— the theme of this year’s report, emphasizes the efforts underway and expected across industries and government offices to reach China’s ambitious environmental targets and position itself as a green technology leader. The report features a number of case studies across industries which embody cleaner, smarter, more productive copmanies. Among them, DP Cleantech exemplifies more productive, in terms of end-to-end solutions, value chain management, information sharing and economically efficient processes. DP Cleantech’s contribution to the biomass industry in China and overseas demonstrates that an inclusive, integrated approach is both environmentally sound and profitable.