Wednesday, 02 November 2016

DP CleanTech (China) celebrated our anniversary with our staff and their families

Every year DP CleanTech (China) invites staff and their families to celebrate our anniversary together as a big family.
What is the most important event in your company? When asked, people may ponder this question for a while to come, but from the perspective of the employees of DP CleanTech (China), it is Family Day.
On September 24th 2016, a sunny Saturday,  at the  Beijing Laffitte Hotel, DP employees from China offices and their family members were invited to celebrate the sixth birthday for DP CleanTech. 
Teamwork was reflected through the games and activities for all ages, all the participants had great fun throughout the whole day. Highlights include a company dance by all employees in China wearing traditional costumes to welcome their families, and an employee who was joined by his pregnant wife to expressed his family’s thanks to the company and colleagues who helped him to successfully make his marriage proposal at last year’s Family Day. All the participants demonstrated a very determined and committed  team spirit to compete for the DP Cup. The winning team this year was Blue Storm, who regained the honour from White Lightning - the winners in 2015.