Thursday, 11 May 2017

DP and CESEC successfully complete hydraulic test for Anping

The Anping project is the first biomass project between DPCT and CESEC; and following the successful completion of the milestone hydraulic test on 10th May 2017 the CHP project is one step closer to operation. The hydraulic test marks the completion of the boiler heating surface and piping system installation, and ensures the correct basis for operation. After this hydraulic test, the auxiliary equipment will be installed; which includes the slag conveyor, feeding system, ID fan and FD fan; followed by the acid test and pipe blowing test for the boiler.


The project is located in Hebei Province, China, which the government has designated as a key region for enhanced environmental governance and enforcement. The 30MWe project utilizes DPCT’s latest 130tph “High Pressure, High Temperature Biomass Combustion” solution in order to meet all environmental regulations and requirements, whilst providing renewable electricity and heat from local agricultural waste. The onsite work for the boiler equipment installation started in January 2017.                


The plant will consume approximately 427,000 tons of agricultural waste - corn straw, corn cob and fruitwood branches - per year. This will replace approximately 200,000 tons of standard coal and reduce the CO2 emissions by about 520,000 tons.