Friday, 25 November 2016

Director from Energy Research Institute of NDRC Made Some Comments over China's 13th FYP Energy Development

During the 5th International Conference on Biomass Energy & Exhibition (17th October 2016, Beijing), Mr. Ren Dongming, the director of Energy Research Institute of NDRC as well as the Renewable Energy Development Center, gave a speech about biomass energy development during China’s 13th Five Year Plan period. He mentioned “Currently the power industry and scale in China can’t support the large scale utilization of biomass energy. The economic efficiency of biomass energy is also hard to compete with traditional energy sources. Thus, China will take various measures to boost the development of biomass energy during the 13th Five Year Plan period. ”
In 2015, renewable energy consumption reached 11.64% in China. However, biomass energy only accounted for 8% of total renewable energy utilization. There is still a lot of space for biomass energy development. “The energy transformation movement in China needs to promote the development of biomass energy industry”. Mr. Ren said. According to China’s 13th Five Year Plan, the utilization of biomass energy will replace 57 million tons standard coal and the total capacity of biomass energy will reach to 15 million kilowatts (15000MW) in 2020.  
Mr. Ren also mentioned that to reach these targets, innovations in concept, technology, commercial and understanding of our traditional energy industry are needed. China also needs to strengthen international cooperation and promote energy production and consumption. He mentioned, during the 13th Five Year Plan China will begin major works towards biomass energy development as follows:
  1. Start the pilot project of biomass energy heating for the replacement of urban coal-fired heating.
  2. Promote biomass energy into the natural gas market. Through the standardized biogas pilot projects and commercial promotion models to promote biogas and bio-natural gas for large scale application.
  3. Promote the CHP retrofit for biomass energy projects.
  4. Boost the promotion and demonstration of bio-liquid fuels.
  5. Strengthen the plan of biomass development utilization, and establish systems and policies to ensure and regulate the supply of resources.
China’s biomass energy industry has a good foundation, with some of the technology being at an international advanced level. Thus, the technology utilized by the biomass energy industry far exceeds other renewable energies in China.
Mr. Zhuang Huiyong, General Manager of National Bioenergy (NBE) group, acknowledges that the biomass industry includes using biomass as solid fuel and/or liquid fuel, as well as CHP and other projects; and that they all Anchorhave good prospects for development.
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