Wednesday, 19 August 2020

DP signs Northtec srl as Italian partner for DP’s Biogas solutions

In the last few weeks DP has finalized an exclusive agreement in Italy with Northtec srl to market DP’s advanced biogas solutions - ADOS Mill and SEDI Tank.
Italy has an established biogas industry which is amongst the more developed in Europe. It has been provided a significant boost by recent subsidy initiatives from the Italian government to promote the development and production of biomethane from biogas. The biogas produced through anaerobic digestion of biomass  (dedicated crops, by-products and agricultural waste and animal waste), and organic waste (agro-industrial and OFMSW) and wastewater sludge is purified to produce biomethane.  
Since 2013, Northtec has become a leading provider of wastewater and sludge treatment technologies in Italy; and the addition of DP’s technologies is a logical step in broadening the treatment options for sludge to produce biogas and biomethane. Northtec’s considerable industry network and knowledge; combined with DP’s  advanced biogas production technologies will be invaluable in identifying and addressing the emerging opportunities for biogas projects in Italy. 
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