Thursday, 18 February 2016

DP’s Key Customers Everbright International Limited and State Grid are Top Performers in Anhui Province

Congratulations to our valued customers State Grid (formerly NBE) and Everbright International Limited!

In recently published data from Anhui Energy Bureau , State Grid and Everbright biomass plants in Anhui (Everbright  Hanshan and Dangshan, State Grid Shouxian, Guzhen and Linquan) were identified as the plants with the highest levels of availability out of 18 biomass plants in the province. The average annual availability is more than 40% higher over other solution projects. Whilst superior technology plays a large part, this is enhanced by professional operational management and maintenance standards.

We are continuing close cooperation to optimize these plants but also to further develop the technology for plants currently under contract, or construction.  We believe that we can further improve the availability and plant efficiencies through developing the core boiler technology but also through the provision of integrated auxiliary equipment and optimization of the whole solution.

Everbright Dangshan Biomass Power Plant