Tuesday, 08 November 2022

DP wins biomass district heating project in Poland

 We are very happy to announce that we have won the contract for a biomass power plant that is "first" of its type in Poland that uses loose straw as fuel.  On November 4, an agreement was signed between OPEC Grudziądz and SBB ENERGY for the implementation of a 12.5 MW boiler at the Łąkowa Heat and Power Plant in Grudziądz, with DP supplying the fuel to stack - including a new fuel yard for handling locally sourced straw wastes, boiler auxiliary and Flue Gas Treatment. This is a fantastic project win for DP, and will help to provide energy security to the local community, as well as significantly reducing coal consumption in the area.  

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Signing ceremony between OPEC Grudziądz and SBB ENERGY